Welcome to Nutrition 2 Kitchen!


My name is Rachel Verdoliva and I am Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I am starting this blog to document my progress on developing my cooking skills and applying what I know about nutrition. I will explore recipes that not only taste great but are also healthy options. N2K is here to prove that food can be fun, tasty, and healthy all at the same time. In the mix I may have some fun and use this site as a personal blog to document my everyday lifestyle and DIY projects I may be working on.

My Background

Just a little bit about me. I have a wonderful husband, Kevin, that helps me out with the techy stuff on here and likes to be my cooking partner. Everyday is an adventure with us. We love to be in the outdoors, gardening, traveling, trying craft beers, and doing DIY stuff around the house.
We have two dogs, Birdie & Covey, that we love and play with often.

I originally became interested in nutrition because I come from a family of elite athletes (not me lol) and nutrition was always a priority growing up.  While I was a collegiate swimmer, my current exercise routine is much less vigorous. I try to delve in running and just overall wellness activities. Mostly, I enjoy taking hikes in the Adirondacks with our friends and enjoy basically anything you can do outside.


For my undergrad, I knew I wanted to go into a health field but I was unsure of what route I would take. I decided on the pre-med option and studied Biochemistry and Public Health at The College of Saint Rose in Albany New York. The more classes I took the more I understood about nutrition and its affect on overall health . That’s when I decided that I wanted to be a Registered Dietitian.

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After my undergrad, I worked a day job for a year while taking night classes to be able to register for my Masters in Nutrition and complete the rest of the credentials in order to become a RD. I got my Masters in Nutrition Science and also took my Dietetic Internship at Syracuse University.

Why does my education matter? As a RD I take my job very seriously. Nutrition is a subject where common misconceptions happen on a regular basis and I want you to know upfront that I will not be claiming any miracle foods, supplements, or diets. The only nutrition advice that I will be writing about on my blog will be evidence based nutrition that has been shown in research to improve health.

That takes us back to the beginning. I hope you come and explore my journey and follow my tips about nutrition & how to apply them in the kitchen.

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