Week 3: Pupdates

I can not even believe that we have three weeks in the books with these little pups! It has been such an amazing blessing and experience. I can’t even put into words how much joy these puppies bring to our daily lives. It really has been an overall easy process so far and we are looking forward to five more wonderful weeks.

What have been the biggest changes since last week?

  • fully open eyes and eye sight
  • strong walking ability
  • barking and howling has begun
  • hunger is high
  • they are playful with their brother and sisters
  • they are 2.5-3 pounds

The puppies are finally very aware of their surroundings and now are all about their mom. They love to find her and start to howl and bark. We have named this the “puppy symphony”. As they have gotten bigger they have been a little harder on their mom, aka Birdie is tired. When we get home from work Birdie has definitely been all about us and taking a break for a couple of hours. As soon we go to bed, she’s back in the pen like a good mom.

We have been doing what we call tummy time with the pups too. We take them out of the pen one by one and play with them individually. We have also had many friends and family in to meet them and give them tons of socialization.

We are not sure how this next week will go with these daring puppies, but we are excited to watch all of the changes!

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