MY DIY Taylor Swift ME! Halloween Costume 2019

I will premise this post by saying, I’m the biggest Taylor Swift fan, like ever! I really wanted to be dead Taylor Swift last year when the LWYMMD music video came out, but we didn’t really have any plans for Halloween. This year we got invited to a friends party and of course I vowed to redeem myself and make it a Taylor Swift costume. When her first single from her album Lover came out called “ME!” I was hooked immediately. There were so many cool couple’s ideas [whomever my husband is a lot like Joe Alwyn and plays it cool in the background]. I did for a hot second think I would create his outfit too but then I was like nahhh- it’s all about ME! lol.

This is her infamous look that I recreated. I loved this look so much because I think it was very much a Blake Lively inspired power suit look [who also happens to be one of her best friends I’ve been obsessed with forever].

How I created the look:

Yellow Power Pants from Shein

Yellow Power Jacket from Shein

Rhinestone Heart Stud Earring from Shein

White button down shirt from Target

Pink tie from Amazon

Pink Heels from Forever21 [could not find the ones I have, but choose another fun pair I liked]

Lip Color is Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayon in the color “Treat Yourself”

Benjamin Button stuffed cat is from Amazon [the new cat Taylor adopted from the set of the music video ME!]

Pink Briefcase from Amazon [I did not buy this, but I wanted to!]

I of course took full advantage that we have 10 newborn puppies of our own and made my own spin of the costume for myself. I hope you enjoyed it and recreate the look!

Share with me what has been your most memorable costume below in the comments!

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