Week 2: Pupdates

The puppies have been an absolute blast! It has mostly been an easy process with nighttime cries being our only complaint. We went back to work this week and put up a board for Birdie to easily get in and out of the pen but to ensure the puppies stay safe.

The puppies eyes started to open on day 12 but they are not able to see yet. They also started to wobble and walk. They still eat every 1-2 hours and Birdie has had no problems with feedings. The puppies at the end of the week are two pounds total, which now makes them quadruple their birth weight.

We have found the Yi camera for the house and the Drymate kennel mats have been the most useful for taking care of the puppies. The towels tend to move around while the mats have a rubber backing that helps it stay put. The camera just lets us keep track of the pups while at work.

We can’t wait too see what the next couple of weeks hold ahead!

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