May 2019

I have been MIA but I am back! I am sharing my favorite things I have been using this month!

  1. I freaking love single serve avocado cups. I will prep some carrots or pretzels the night before and have these as a snack mid day! I’m obsessed and they are so budget friendly. I think they are like 50 cents a cup versus hummus cups are usually over a dollar.

2. I am currently obsessed with anything that is a romper. I love that they are comfy, they can be dressed up, and most are work appropriate. My husband actually got this really cute one for my birthday for me (yay!) from target and I love how casual cute it is.

3. Ya’ll if you know me, you know I am obsessed with everything hair. I will watch hair tutorials on youtube for hours sometimes. Borderline obsessed. However, I have been really digging Kristin Ess since my dad got me her straightener for Christmas that you can straighten and curl hair with. As a side note if you are looking for a great straightener get hers and it’s super budget friendly at 80 dollars. However, number 3 of my favorite things belongs to her Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray. I have thin stranded, dry hair but I have a lot of hair. That means the under layer of my hair tangles easy and my hair usually takes a bunch of product to be shiny but then it usually feels heavy and greasy because I added so much product. This stuff is legit magic. It leaves my hair tangle free and shiny with no added weight. I love it so so so much. Best part is a little bit goes a long way so I bet one can would last a year.

4. I have been redoing my unfinished basement closet. It is a patch job for later on when we convert it totally to a master bath and closet. Right now we have other projects and this is the last one on our list. I needed flooring for concrete that I could put in myself. I found the cutest peel and stick flooring that was $1.28 a square foot. AKA 100 dollars to redo the space for now. I also got my rug at Ollies and I love the color and pattern. It’s so girly and I am always trying to pick more gender neutral colors for my husband around the rest of the house but this room is all mine (yay!).

5. Alright guys I have to admit, it’s hard to cook, be presentable, take care of my dogs, have a life, and clean. This year has been especially hard on me because of the rain and we have a muddy backyard. I found that any spare time at home I am cleaning and there is a layer of dust on everything within a couple of days. I did myself some research and we just got a Deebot robot vacuum and I AM IN ACTUAL LOVE! I am running it everyday and it is making my life easier! I can double task when I clean too. Now they are expensive which is why I waited for a sale but this vacuum scored high and is way less expensive than a Roomba. I am literally so happy. I got the one for pets because we have a lot of pet hair.

6. As I said above it was recently my birthday and I asked for pj’s. While I love my old athletic t-shirts and PJ pants from when I was 10 (literally have not grown since then) it was time for me to buck up and get rid of some of them. My mother in law got my a cute pair from TJMaxx and my husband got a really cute set from Target. The set from target is $22 and the softest pj’s ever and so cute. I need all of the colors!

7. Like I said above I am semi redoing my closet to make me happy everyday when I wake up. Most of the things I used to decorate we had bought but hadn’t found a place to use around the house. The last thing on my list is curtains but I am trying to find some that speak to me and I haven’t found any yet. Anyways I needed to replace my ten dollar college dorm over the door mirror but I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a mirror. I happen to have come across this 100 dollar mirror that is gigantic at Walmart for half off and I jumped for excitement. It is so perfect but I almost could not fit it in my car but nevertheless my Honda fit fit’s everything. I could not find the link for it and I don’t have a great pic but you can see how big it is above to be able to see my whole closet.

8. Skincare is really important to me because I have very acne prone skin and still have active breakouts all of the time. I love these acne pimple patches by Hanhoo because I can wash my face when I get home and put these on and they keep me from picking and they feel like skin! I love them and they are really inexpensive at $2.50. WHATTTTT!

Please feel free to share new things you have found and are loving for this summer!

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