Turn Your Living Room Into a Personal Gym

I know I usually post about food and nutrition but with the New Year and along with my upcoming wedding I’ve really been thinking about getting back in shape. Now usually I sign myself up for a race, lace my sneakers up and hit the pavement. However, January in NY is like the frozen tundra and the last place I want to find myself is outside. I thought about joining the gym too (which I might still sign up for…) but in the past it’s been to hard working two jobs, feeding myself, and finding time to take care of my rambunctious dog to actually hold myself accountable. So this year I thought I’d try a new angle for exercise – “could I workout at home?”. The answer is a hands down, YES! After five minutes of searching I found some pretty kick ass chicks on Youtube that have amazing workout channels that are FREE (which blows my mind)!

The best part about working out at home is you don’t need much and you don’t need to worry about people staring at you sweating or grimacing too. I do however use a yoga mat at home because we have hard flooring but if you have carpet you probably wouldn’t need one. I got mine from Target for $35 total but honestly the store FiveBelow has so many fitness gadgets that are so inexpensive it’s hard to beat their pricing when you’re on a budget.

YouTube Channels I’m obsessed with currently are …..

  1. Yoga With Adriene. Her channel is the bomb! I used to pay big bucks to go with my mom to this fancy studio when I was in grad school and these videos are right on par with instruction and somehow still FREE. She also has this 30-day challenge up for this year that is so motivating, relaxing, and is just the perfect combination of moves.
  2. PopSugar Fitness has a variety of videos with the end label of “class FitSugar” that are the perfect at home cardio workouts. They walk you through 30 minute routines that kick your butt, literally. I love that all the women in the videos just also seem like they are strong, confident women and they definitely keep you motivated throughout each video. Also as someone who used to do intense athletic training daily I can honestly say these workouts are top notch.
  3. Blogilates  is all about that core and who doesn’t love a good core workout! Cassie Ho is so upbeat and the videos are quick – ranging from 5-20 minutes. This is so great for depending on what mood I’m in or how much time I have. Not only does she talk about core she also dives into videos on improving posture! Posture and back pain are both things I really struggle with I think she’s got some great videos on this topic too.


Hopefully in the New Year you can explore a new workout channel and find one you love! Feel free to share below what channels on YouTube are your favorite!

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