Kitchen Gifts That Keep on Giving

I really wanted to share my christmas list of things I absolutely can not live without in my kitchen. Many of them have to do with my last years New Years Resolution to use less plastic. I am really passionate about lowering my food waste and my impact on the food system so this decision was easy for me. However, it was also hard to navigate through at first. That is why I am really excited to share the things I found the most useful and also give ideas about the best cookware on the market that doesn’t pose risks to your health with contaminants.

If you want to learn about how plastic recycles into our food system I would highly recommend the Zooey Deschanel series “The Farm Project“. There are tons of short slips about our food system and she has a great clip on plastic and how that affects the environment and the fish we eat.

So here is my list of my top ten things I use in my kitchen daily. Descriptions are all below :).

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 8.04.49 PM

  1. Reusable Sandwich Bags. There are so many of these now on the market. I actually put more of these on my list this year because I currently only have two and wash them daily. We use significantly less plastic bags because of this but if I had more I wouldn’t buy any more sandwich plastic bags. Brands I love are Bee’s WrapLunch Skins(re)zip, and there are so many more. Cost wise you are looking at buying 2-3 bags for $15-20.
  2. Zwillings Chef’s Knife. My sister actually bought this for me as a housewarming gift and to be honest I was like “umm but I already have knifes”… but I was so horribly wrong. This is literally the only knife we use and we use it everyday. Best gift ever! They are costly for one knife but so worth it. Cost wise you are looking at around $70 for the Chef’s Knife.
  3. Glass Tupperware. Although I do own some plastic tupperware we really only use the glassware tupperware. I just don’t feel that overtime whether its tupperware or water bottles that chemicals don’t start to leech out so we made the switch to glassware mainly. At the time I just shopped around at TJ Maxx for deals but there are tons of great brands. I personally love the Life Factory Brand if you have kids it’s pretty kid proof but plain Pyrex are great too.
  4. Hard Anodized Non-Stick Pan. Somehow Kevin and I have made our way through multiple expensive non-stick pans because they always scratch and wear to the point where you don’t feel comfortable eating off of them anymore. Lots of people don’t realize too that as soon as a pan or skillet starts to wear it should be thrown out. While stainless steel is always a good option it is harder to clean and takes up more time so I have been looking for the best option and hard anodized is the way to go. I choose All-Clad as the way to go as a nutritionist it is known as typically the gold standard for brands but is definitely pricey. That being said I probably go through a pan every 1-2 years and these pans last a lifetime. Cost wise you are usually looking at $120 for two frying pans  but at Macy’s right now you can get two for $60.00.
  5. Norwex. I love this cleaning brand. This cloth is as easy as wash, rub together, rinse, and repeat. This one purchase has cut down so much on our paper towel use it’s unreal. The brand in general has so much to offer too for reusable cleaning products that are amazing. Cost wise for just $14 you can’t go wrong.
  6. Reusable Lunch Pals. I have three to be exact. You can never have enough in my opinion. I love the brand SoYoung because they have the cutest bags and they are made from recycled products themselves. The bag also is insulated and very high quality compared to other brands I’ve gotten.
  7. Yeti coffee mug. I actually won this mug about three years ago and I remember thinking really a mug. At the time it was like $75 for a mug and I was so confused by it. It was just a mug…… nope wrong! I bring this everywhere and even have it filled instead of getting the cups at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. It keeps my coffee or tea hot all day or my water cold all day. I use this everyday and it is life changing. Cost wise you are looking at $25 for your new favorite coffee mug!
  8. Stop using plastic bags! They are everywhere and there’s just no reason for it. Once I stopped using them I became more aware of how often they are given. I do still get them from time to time when I forget a bag but I make a point to recycle them at our local grocery store. The best thing you can do to stop using plastic bags is to stock up on reusable bags at your local grocery store and keep them in your car. I have about 10. I also have stocked up on produce bags from Norwex since I use those often too. Cost wise you could spend $20 dollars and have more bags then you need.
  9. Le Creuset Stoneware Cookware is the best! I think my mom has every kind of dish they make and it’s because they are really nice and last forever. It’s always nice to have a casserole dish that you can count on and they come in cute colors. Cost wise they are about $100 but you can also find them at TJMax for about half the price.
  10. Ninja Pro Blender. While having a big blender is nice. We’ve found that just the individual pro is great for everyday use. We’ve been making a smoothie every morning over the past year and it’s worked out just as well as my parents Vitamix. Cost wise you can get one for $60-80. (We’ve gotten a cheaper one from Walmart and that lasted for about 6 months so I would recommend against that.)

Well I hope these gifts help you pick out that perfect gift for that nutritionist or foodie lover in your life. Feel free to share your favorite gifts you given or received for the use in the kitchen!

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